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This is the Five days intensive Youth basketball coaches course. It is a unique opportunity to go through the world’s famous Lithuanian Youth Basketball coaching philosophy.

The course designed for Youth basketball coaches to get a fundamental understanding of multiyear basketball players preparation, proper planning of training process, application of different physical loads, development of physical abilities, basketball skills teaching, individual, group and team tactic implementation in offence and defense during basketball game and many more topics.

– The course covers youth basketball training theory the way it is delivered to coaches in Lithuania: building understanding about multiyear players preparation, planning of the training process, introducing basketball training methods and much more.

– From practical part course participants will learn: the teaching sequence of basketball technique skills, the way of introducing each skill to the young player as Lithuanian methodic describes, involvement of the kids to the learning process, having fun during sessions and much more.

– The course will put fundamental understanding of basketball tactic in offence and defence, the sequence of teaching, developing and applying it during the games.

All lectors and coaches are leading Lithuanian basketball figures in science and practice.

To complete the course and get diploma every participant is advised to write reflections document. It means to make comparison analysis of your philosophy and the was find during the course. The reflection should be written for every topic you will analyse.

The course consist of 13 mandatory video sessions and two optional (chosen from 17th options)

After completing reflections document the course participant is awarded diploma of International Basketball University and Lithuanian Basketball Coaches Association.

The course composed of 15 video lessons: 13 mandatory  and 2 optional choice videos. Overall 45 academic hours.

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Mandatory topics:

Basics of basketball training theory:

Prof. Rutenis Paulauskas: Basics of selection in youth basketball.

Prof. Rutenis Paulauskas: Planning for effective basketball youth players training

Prof. Rutenis Paulauskas: Basketball training methods

Dr. Mindaugas Balciunas: Basics of physical loads management in basketball training.

Development of technical skills for youth players:

Coach Dalius Lubys: Teaching shooting in basketball. Lithuanian way

Coach Dalius Lubys: Teaching ball dribbling technique for youth players

Coach Andrius Vaicekauskas: Effective drills for youth players passing ability

Coach Dalius Ubartas: Fun basketball drills for kids

Building team tactic:

Dalius Lubys: Teaching individual defense for youth players

Coach Kestutis Kemzura: Effective team offense organization

Coach Stepas Kairys: Teaching basketball defense fundamentals

Coach Dalius Lubys: Drills for fast-break teaching in youth age


S&C coach Algirdas Stuknys: How to develop youth players’ speed and coordination

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Learn from the world-class coaches

IBU has a range of widely recognised basketball coaches and managers, who joins to deliver different courses to students or clinic participants in any country where the course is confirmed with our partners.

Joasquin Ruiz Lorente: Technique – Part One

Mario Hendriks: Developing young players’ decision making

Rimantas Grigas: Training and development of ball control techniques


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One day pass Program

One day online course for basketball coaches and managers. The course consists of 6 academic hours (2 lectures, 3 academic hours each).

Program of the course:

Auditorium:  Prof. Rutenis Paulauskas “Planning for effective basketball youth players training”

Gym: Coach Dalius Lubys “Effective drills for youth players defensive abilities improvement”

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