Basketball science introduction course

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Topic of the course: Introduction to Basketball science                           
Target group:
Youth basketball coaches, Higher education students, Ex basketball players.
Duration of the course: to be completed in 5 weeks from the start.
Overall academic hours: 20 academic hours.
Study format: 100% online course.
Course platform:
Structure of the class: One online class duration is up to 60 min.
Study weekdays: Optional.
Evaluation: One reflection form (up to 200 words to every question) should be completed and sent to the course coordinator by email
Structure of the topics: Course consist of 10 topics, two topics requested to be completed a week.
Diploma awarded: International Basketball University diploma and certificate of Lithuanian Basketball Coaches Association


Content of the course:

Session 1. Prof. Rutenis Paulauskas: Theory of sport training

Session 2. Prof. Rutenis Paulauskas: Characteristics of Basketball game

Session 3. Prof. Nerijus Masiulis: Scientific basis of training

Session 4. Prof. Nerijus Masiulis: Physiology of Basketball

Session 5. Prof. Rutenis Paulauskas: Technical training theory

Session 6: Prof. Nerijus Masiulis: Recovery in Basketball

Session 7: Dr. Mindaugas Balciunas: Integrating models of long-term athletic development to maximise the physical development of youth.

Session 8: Dr. Mindaugas Balciunas: International models of Youth basketball programs.

Session 9: Prof. Rutenis Paulauskas: Early sport specialisation: how to avoid it.

Session 10: Prof. Rutenis Paulauskas: Basics of talents identification in basketball.