Latvia BA course 2

1,000.00 for 1 year

Detailed information:

Latvian Basketball Federation youth coaches’ course

Subject: The Four motnts Youth basketball coaching course

Target group: Advanced youth basketball coaches

Duration of the course: 16 weeks, 2 classes per week. 100% online course

Online course platform:

Structure of the class: One online class duration is 90 min.

Study weekdays: Thursday & Friday. The new task to be completed every 7 days.

Structure of the topics: One week covers one topic, which is divided in two classes.

Evaluation: One reflection form (up to 200 words) should be completed on each class and sent to the course coordinator by email

Diploma awarded: Lithuanian Basketball Coaches Association diploma and International Basketball University diploma.


Content of the course:

Week 1. Topic: Basketball management models (Federation – leagues – clubs).

Friday class: International and National Basketball management models. Dr. M. Balciunas

Saturday class: Basketball club management models. Dr. M. Balciunas

Week 2. Topic: Training young body.

Friday class: Physiological processes that sport causes to young bodies. Prof. Albertas Skurvydas Saturday class: Sensitive periods for developing the physical abilities of young basketball players. Prof. Albertas Skurvydas

Week 3. Topic: Designing multi-year development of basketball players;

Friday class: Basics of sports training planning. Prof. R.Paulauskas

Saturday class: Basketball training methods. Prof. R.Paulauskas

Week 4. Topic: Talents identification;

Friday class: Effective talent selection: methods and organization. Prof. R.Paulauskas

Saturday class: Physiological characteristics of basketball players. Dr. M. Balciunas

Week 5. Basics of basketball players technique;

Friday class: Sequence of basketball technic elements teaching. When. What. How. Coach Dalius Lubys
Saturday class: From technical elements to skill. Teaching – improvement – stabilization. Coach Andrius Vaicekauskas.

Week 6. Topic: Basketball technique development;

Friday class: Basketball shooting – from teaching to skill. Lithuanian way. Prof. R. Paulauskas. Saturday class: Training decision-making skills while learning technical elements. Prof. Alejandro Vaquera.

Week 7. Topic: Basics of basketball offense;

Friday class: General principles of building a basketball offense. Coach Stepas Kairys
Saturday class: Effective ways of offense organization with different teams. Coach Stepas Kairys.

Week 8. Topic: Basketball offense

Friday class: Fast break organization. Coach Dalius Lubys.

Saturday class: Offense against zone defense. Coach Izzat Ismail

Week 9. Topic: Basketball offense;

Friday class: Specific offensive situations. The last-second shot, free throw rebounding and etc. Coach Dalius Ubartas
Saturday class: Offense against full-court and half-court press. Teaching and improvement.

Week 10. Topic: Basics of basketball defense;

Friday class: Main principles of basketball defense Coach Izzat Ismail.
Saturday class: Most effective defensive systems. Expert’s insights. Coach Stepas Kairys.

Week 11. Topic: Basketball defense;

Friday class: Specific defensive situations. Defense against opponent team leader, opponent center player, opponent shooter and etc. Coach Dalius Ubartas
Saturday class: Drills strengthening communication abilities among players for individual, group and team defense. Coach Dalius Ubartas

Week 12. Topic: Injuries prevention for basketball players;

Friday class: Main types, situations and factors causing injuries in different ages of players. Dr. Laimonas Siupsinskas
Saturday class: Exercises for injury prevention and recovery for basketball players of different ages. Dr. Laimonas Siupsinskas

Week 13. Topic: Psychological preparation in basketball;

Friday class: Psychology for a player and a team: how to set one goal for different subjects. Lithuanian Olympic team psychologist Lina Vaisetaite
Saturday class: Different types of players: team “star” and “silent” hard worker. How to set the right motivation for everyone. Lithuanian Olympic team psychologist Lina Vaisetaite

Week 14. Topic: Innovative training models for youth basketball players.

Friday class: Optimum physical loads application for youth players development. Dr. M. Balciunas
Saturday class: Simultaneous training method. A new approach to pre-season and in-season workout planning. Prof. R. Paulauskas

Week 15. Topic: A new approach for physical preparation in youth basketball;

Friday class: Explosive power and speed development for youth players; Strength and conditioning coach Algirdas Stuknys
Saturday class: Strength training innovations; Prof. R.Paulauskas

Week 16. Topic: How to create a winning team;

Friday class: Champions insights. Legendary coaches, European and Olympic medalists’ coach Vladas Garastas, coach Vydas Gedvilas, player and coach Modestas Paulauskas, player Virginijus Praskevicius insights.

Saturday class: Final discussion.