Five day’s Online course

100.00 for 1 year

This is Five days Online intensive basketball coaching course.


This is Five days Online intensive Youth basketball coaching course

Topics of the course

Mandatory topics:

Basics of basketball training theory:

Prof. R. Paulauskas: Basics of selection in youth basketball

Prof. R. Paulauskas: Planning for effective basketball youth players training

Prof. R. Paulauskas: Basketball training methods

Dr. M.Balciunas / Prof. N. Masiulis. Basics of physical loads management in basketball training.

Development of technical skills for youth players:

Coach Dalius Lubys: Teaching shooting in basketball. Lithuanian way

Coach Dalius Lubys: Teaching ball dribbling technique for youth players

Coach Andrius Vaicekauskas: Effective drills for youth players passing ability

Coach Dalius Ubartas: Fun basketball drills for kids

Building team tactic:

Dalius Lubys: Teaching individual defense for youth players

Coach Kestutis Kemzura: Effective team offense organization

Coach Stepas Kairys: Teaching basketball defense fundamentals

Coach Dalius Lubys: Drills for fast-break teaching in youth age


S&C coach Algirdas Stuknys: How to develop youth players’ speed and coordination


Optional topics:

Coach Andrius Vaicekauskas: Effective drills for Youth players shooting ability in age 12 to 16 years old.

Prof. Nerijus Masiulis: Recovery in basketball, an important part of the training

Coach Darius Dikcius: Teaching and developing shooting ability.

Coach Stepas Kairys: Building team tactics

Dr. H.Paulauskas: Sensitive periods for physical abilities development

Manager Martynas Ra─Źkauskas: Zalgiris Kaunas Youth basketball program management

Coach Dalius Ubartas: Individual skills for Young players

Coach Stepas Kairys: Drills for center players. How to teach offensive moves

Coach Rimantas Grigas: Training center players in 16-17 years old age.

Dr. Mindaugas Balciunas: Optimum physical loads application to young basketball players