The four-month fully ONLINE course for advanced basketball coaches is intended for coaches, physical education specialists, basketball team and club leaders whose activities are focused on the development of young basketball talents.

The four-month distance learning program will provide a clear understanding of how the training of young basketball players is organized in one of the most productive basketball talent programs – the Lithuanian basketball system. Course participants will understand the essence of the multi-year basketball training model, the principles of talent selection, the main aspects of technical-tactical training, analyze the most effective models of basketball organization, will be introduced to young basketball players’ injury prevention, innovative training methods and other basic must-to-know information on effective basketball training.

Duration of the course: 4 months, 16 weeks, 2 classes per week. 100% online course.

Online course platform:

Structure of the class: One online class duration is 120 min.

Study weekdays: Friday (1 class) and Saturday (1 class)

Structure of the topics: One week covers one topic, which is divided in two classes.

Evaluation: One reflection form (up to 200 words to each question) should be completed on each topic and sent to the course coordinator by email

Diploma awarded: Lithuanian Basketball Coaches Association diploma, Kaunas Pedagogues Qualifications Center certificate and International Basketball University diploma.


Week 1
Topic: Basketball management models (Federation – leagues – clubs).

Friday class: International and National Basketball management models. Dr. M. Balciunas

Saturday class: Basketball club management models. Dr. M. Balciunas

Week 2
Topic: Training young body.

Friday class: Physiological processes that sport causes to young bodies. Prof. Albertas Skurvydas

Saturday class: Sensitive periods for developing the physical abilities of young basketball players. Prof. Albertas Skurvydas

Week 3
Topic: Designing multi-year development of basketball players;

Friday class: Basics of sports training planning. Prof. R.Paulauskas

Saturday class: Basketball training methods. Prof. R.Paulauskas

Week 4
Topic: Talents identification;

Friday class: Effective talent selection: methods and organization. Prof. R.Paulauskas

Saturday class: Physiological characteristics of basketball players. Dr. M. Balciunas

Week 5
Basics of basketball players technique;

Friday class: Sequence of basketball technic elements teaching. When. What. How. Coach Dalius Lubys

Saturday class: From technical elements to the skill. Teaching – improvement – stabilization. Coach Andrius Vaicekauskas.

Week 6
Topic: Basketball technique development;

Friday class: Basketball shooting – from teaching to skill. Lithuanian way. Prof. R. Paulauskas.

Saturday class: Training decision making skills while learning technical elements. Prof. Alejandro Vaquera.

Week 7
Topic: Basics of basketball offense;

Friday class: General principles of building a basketball offense. Coach Stepas Kairys

Saturday class: Effective ways of offense organization with different teams. Coach Stepas Kairys.

Week 8
Topic: Basketball offense

Friday class: Fast break organization. Coach Dalius Lubys.

Saturday class: Offense against zone defense. Coach Izzat Ismail

Week 9
Topic: Basketball offense;

Friday class: Specific offensive situations. The last-second shot, free throw rebounding and etc. Coach Dalius Ubartas

Saturday class: Offense against full-court and half-court press. Teaching and improvement.

Week 10
Topic: Basics of basketball defense;

Friday class: Main principles of basketball defense Coach Izzat Ismail.

Saturday class: Most effective defensive systems. Expert’s insights. Coach Stepas Kairys.

Week 11
Topic: Basketball defense;

Friday class: Specific defensive situations. Defense against opponent team leader, opponent center player, opponent shooter and etc. Coach Dalius Ubartas

Saturday class: Drills strengthening communication abilities among players for individual, group and team defense. Coach Dalius Ubartas

Week 12
Topic: Injuries prevention for basketball players;

Friday class: Main types, situations and factors causing injuries in different ages of players. Dr. Laimonas Siupsinskas
Saturday class: Exercises for injury prevention and recovery for basketball players of different ages. Dr. Laimonas Siupsinskas

Week 13
Topic: Psychological preparation in basketball;

Friday class: Psychology for a player and a team: how to set one goal for different subjects. Lithuanian Olympic team psychologist Lina Vaisetaite

Saturday class: Different types of players: team “star” and “silent” hard worker. How to set the right motivation for everyone. Lithuanian Olympic team psychologist Lina Vaisetaite

Week 14
Topic: Innovative training models for youth basketball players.

Friday class: Optimum physical loads application for youth players development. Dr. M. Balciunas

Saturday class: Simultaneous training method. A new approach to pre-season and in-season workout planning. Prof. R. Paulauskas

Week 15
Topic: A new approach for physical preparation in youth basketball;

Friday class: Explosive power and speed development for youth players; Strength and conditioning coach Algirdas Stuknys

Saturday class: Strength training innovations; Prof. R.Paulauskas

Week 16
Topic: How to create a winning team;

Friday class: Champions insights. Legendary coaches, European and Olympic medalists’ coach Vladas Garastas, coach Vydas Gedvilas, player and coach Modestas Paulauskas, player Virginijus Praskevicius insights.

Saturday class: Final discussion.