Philippines course

100.00 for 1 year

Detailed information:

Philippinnes Youth coaches’ course

Subject: Two weeks Youth basketball coaching course

Target group: Advanced youth basketball coaches

Duration of the course: 2 weeks, 2 classes per day. 100% online course

Online course platform:

Structure of the class: One online class duration is 90 min.

Study weekdays: Optional

Structure of the topics: One day covers one topic, which is divided in two classes.

Evaluation: One reflection form should be completed on the course content and sent to the course coordinator by email

Diploma awarded: Lithuanian Basketball Coaches Association diploma and International Basketball University diploma.

Content of the course:

Basics of basketball training theory:

Day 1:

Martynas Rackauskas: Youth program management

Prof. R. Paulauskas: Basketball training methods

Day 2:

Prof. R. Paulauskas: Planning for effective basketball youth players training

Prof. N. Masiulis. Training young body

Day 3:

Prof. R. Paulauskas: Basics of selection in youth basketball

Dr. M. Balciunas Optimum physical loads training method

Development of technical skills for youth players:

Day 4:

prof. Rutenis Paulauskas: The sequence of basketball technique teaching for youth players

Coach Dalius Lubys: Teaching shooting in basketball. Lithuanian way

Day 5:

Coach Andrius Vaicekauskas Basketball shooting: from teaching to stabilization 1

Coach Andrius Vaicekauskas Basketball shooting: from teaching to stabilization 2

Day 6:

Coach Dalius Lubys: Teaching ball dribbling technique for youth players

Coach Andrius Vaicekauskas: Effective drills for youth players passing ability

Building team tactic:

Day 7:

Coach Steponas Kairys, Topic: Principles of effective defense 1×1

Coach Steponas Kairys: Teaching basketball defense fundamentals

Day 8:

Dalius Ubartas: Players communication on the court

Zafer Aktas ‘1-1-3 Matchup Zone as a Pressing defense

Day 9:

Coach Dalius Lubys: Effective offensive plays against zone defense

Joaquin Ruiz Lorente: Improvement of individual tactical skills

Day 10:

Coach Dalius Lubys: Drills for fast-break teaching in youth age

Fitness. S&C coach Algirdas Stuknys: How to develop youth players’ speed and coordination